Edna Becker

Edna Becker
Topeka, Ks
Photo from “Kansas Teacher” May 1937.

Edna Becker is the author of several volumes of poetry.  She was a teacher and one-time president of the Kansas Poetry Society.  She was approached by Whittemore, who asked if she had any poetry about trees, one of Whittemore’s favorite subjects, and the answer was so enthusiastic that the two collaborated on this fine press book.



Trees: Woodcuts and Linoleum Blocks was printed in an edition of 525 copies, 25 on Strathmore paper (9 ¼” x 11 ¾”).  The copy that is part of the Thomas Fox Averill Kansas Studies Collection has a dust jacket over a hardback cover that is made partially of wood.

From the dust jacket:  “Here are fourteen drawings of trees in various moods and styles.  From the glorious full blown beauty of Spring to the stark, bare fascination of trees in the dead of Winter —  All are caught and beautifully portrayed by Miss Whittemore.  Poems of charm and grace by Miss Becker accompany these unusual drawings.”