Landscape Sketches in Kansas Locations

For a ten year period starting in 2004 and ending in 2014, Clark Britton explored the Kansas terrain capturing its scenery in small drawings ranging in size from 5 ½” x 8 ½” to 8 ½” x 11.”  Drawn “plein air” with ink and charcoal, Britton collected and compiled these drawings into a notebook which was donated to the collection in 2014.

In a handmade booklet titled Meditations, which supplements his landscape drawings, Britton explains why and how he produced these little Kansas scenes.  It all starts with leisurely drives around the countryside where he looks for a subject which intrigues him, paying attention to the time of day and lighting.  He prefers a sunny day that produces highlights and shadows that are clearly defined.  Standing with pencil and pad, or sitting in a folding chair, Britton absorbs the scene and decides how to compose it.  He explains the development of the image as intuitive.  Certainly he makes decisions about mark-making, but says that the drawings seem to produce themselves.  The process is described as a meditation where time is arrested and the mind is cleared from all distraction.  He is one with the experience, immersed in the moment alone: his mind connected only to his hand and the focus of his attention.  Britton professes no motivation to exhibit his drawings, saying they often get filed in a folder.  Fortunately, this particular folder found its way into the Thomas Fox Averill Kansas Collection.


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Southeast of I77, Ark City, 2:00 PM
South of Ark City in Oklahoma, 2:00 PM
2 June 2010
South Rock Road, Railroad Overpass, Mulvane, 12:00 – 1:07 PM
15 May 2013
The Ranch from Pasture
19 Oct 2008
Twin Mounds, Smoky Hills, Lindsborg
Warehouse, KC Freight Yard, 10:27 AM
130th St Looking West, Arkansas River, Mulvane
11 March 2014
Abandoned Farm South of (Ark)___City
Across Field, Kechi
7 Jan 2011
Diamond Creek Bridge After Flood Stage
19 May 2007
Early Morning Flint Oak
25 July 2009
Fence in (Malesta’s) Field
March 2010
Hawk Gliding Across the Savanah, Flint Oak
17 Sept 2009
Industrial Site, Looking Across the Tracks, Arkansas City
23 March 2010
Kaw Area Wildlife, Looking NE, East of Ark City
1 Aug 2004
Kansas City Freight Yard, 9:01 AM
6 Sept 2004
Mallet__s Pasture
13 April 2004
New Kirk, 3:38 PM
2 June 2010
New Kirk
23 March 2010
New Kirk Crossing, 11:45 AM
10 Oct 2008
New Kirk, Two Rivers Coop
10 Oct 2008
Out By the Water Tank
30 March 2008
Oxford Old Mill, 12:22 AM
15 April 2008
Polecat Creek Bridge
26 Aug 2009
Peck Coop, 1:23 PM
5 April 2014