Artist Statement

My art is often an attempt to understand and explain concepts and realities which are often difficult to understand and explain. Herein lies half the reason I create art. It is an exploration of sifting through immense amounts of interwoven information in search of parcels of truth. The mystery often intrigues me. I examine different events and concepts partially as a process of shining light on them. The process begins with my own curiosities which are further pulled from the shadows through the process of research and creation. I often leave out certain elements, even those I claim to understand, in hopes to leave mystery and provide opportunity for the viewer’s interpretation and intrigue. I am curious by nature. I aim to share that with the viewer and possibly spark a similar curiosity in them.

I am inspired by the world I witness around me: the natural and artificial, the superficial and the spiritual, and the many structures and relationships found within it. The result of the human relationship to the many structures and how each leaves an imprint, as well as the human imprint on earth, whether physical or psychological, are all themes which I am often concerned with. Popular culture, plasticity, poverty, and pain all provide fuel for my art. I often take critical views of many social, cultural, and political issues. I am concerned with emotion, whether trying to analyze my own or those of others. My art is often the result of frustration, whether personal or global. I often look uncomfortable situations in the face and explore feelings which many hope to ignore, such as sadness, anger, and confusion. The creative process can be an attempt to analyze these feelings while doubling as an outlet for them.

In addition to this reactive response, I like to communicate and cause emotion in the viewer by prompting an internal reaction which may challenge a person’s perspectives. We should all examine ourselves occasionally and the assumptions we assimilate. I wish to combat many of the beliefs that I believe are propagated by popular culture and the media, ideologies which can be harmful to the harmony and good health of society. We have been bombarded with negative conditioning and I feel that our society needs to be shocked into a waking state. Art can be used as a drug to stimulate the mind of the viewer into an environment of education and change.